June 12, 2021 8:32 am

Follow this bellow: The Chaikin money flow is a unique indicator that takes into account both the price and the volume data to generate buy and sell signals. This is more than just a volume indicator that shows the buying and selling pressure, it’s also a momentum indicator. We like to use a 20 day period of time to measure the buying and selling pressure. When the Chaikin money flow is above the zero line it indicates buying pressure. Naturally, the higher the reading above the zero line the bigger is the buying pressure. Conversely, when the Chaikin money flow is below the zero line it indicates selling pressure. Naturally, the lower the reading below the zero line the bigger is the selling pressure. With the Chaikin Money Flow we can confirm if behind an uptrend we have real buying pressure or behind a downtrend we have real selling pressure. Knowing what swing trading indicators to use it can dramatically improve your performance. We have carefully picked the best combination of swing trading indicators to avoid using indicators that show the same type of information. Our swing trading strategies combines technical indicators that display different type of information. Let’s now see how we can combine multiple trading indicators into a profitable swing trading strategy.

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