June 9, 2021 9:30 am

72.35 এ অবতরণ তরঙ্গ শেষ করার পরে, USD to RUB 73.05-এর দিকে সংশোধন করবে। এরপরে, উপকরণটি টার্গেটটি নীচের দিকে 72.00 বা পুনরায় 71.60 এ পৌঁছতে পারে After finishing the descending wave at 72.35, USD to RUB is expected to correct towards 73.05. After that, the instrument may resume trading downwards with the target at 72.00 or even reach 71.60. In Forex trading, Trainline and Fundamental Analysis is an important topic. Many people trade without understanding Trainline and News. For them (ForexNewsBD), we publish all Forex Bangla news and technical analysis ornews every day.

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